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Magnetic Island Race Week Parade

By taslett, 27 Sep 2013

Wow if you ever needed to ask why we live up here in the tropics a day like Sunday 2nd September on Magnetic Island really makes the reason pretty clear. With the sun glistening off the coral sea, a lovely breeze and cold champagne, who would be anywhere else. Add in a beautiful parade of colourful summer fashion and smiling models and it really is perfect.

Carmichael Ford Mercedes Benz Townsville Fahion Festival was approached by Sunferries to host a parade of several of our designers to cap off their race week. It was a lovely opportunity to get out and show off our talent.


Vault Light Installation - umbrella studio

By Kate, 22 Sep 2012

As an artist it is always a journey of discovery… allowing ideas to ferment and of looking at the world in different ways. I really love when something triggers an entire creative process of thoughts and images and pushes me to stay up at night making the idea into a tangible object that can fill a space and be touched and walked around and interacted with instead of trapped in my imagination….

Fashion Exposed Melbourne

By Kate, 30 Aug 2012

Spending a cold and windy week in Melbourne at Fashion Exposed. I love my rack of citrus colours. They are making me feel happy amongst the “oh so tired” fashion staple of black and moroon(I am so sick of that colour)why is that still a favourite when it makes people look over 80 and stuck in the 90’s…. blah blah as bad as a house painted in heretige green and red! not high on my list of likes.

Sundays Spent Painting a Beautiful Wall - happiness

By Kate, 31 Jul 2012

One of my favourite things to spend time doing is playing with colour and texture of paint… blending and toning and layering to see what will happen. I was recently commissioned to paint the back feature wall of a wonderful jewellery store - Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers. The family business has been operating for years but were moving to new premises and wanted to do something special to celebrate the wonderful artisan collection of jewels including a new line of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen….. Wow so beautifully crafted, the weight, the aesthetic quality of great craftsmanship is a delight.

Winter Races

By Kate, 18 Jun 2012

When Katelyn asked me to write this week’s post the idea of racing made me reminisce to an earlier time…

When I was younger I was that awkward, chubby kid with the bad haircut and braces. So you can easily imagine that I was not athletic. When it came to running carnivals I always (without fail) came last. It wasn’t until one day that a family friend of mine gave me the encouraging advice that I never came last. In fact I came first from the other end!


Lighting Installations

By Kate, 5 Apr 2012

Designer Katelyn Aslett creates bespoke lighting installations for commercial and residential spaces using hand-felted wool.

“My work sits best in projects where people are looking for something unique, decadent and artistic,” says the designer. Aslett is building a reputation among boutique hotels and spaces that require a touch of intimacy and character.

All of her pieces are handcrafted using hand-felted wool. “It’s an organic and natural product that adds an ambience and texture to large spaces,” explains Aslett. “The wool is a wonderful diffuser of sound.”


Making Felt DVD

By Kate, 25 Oct 2011

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Katelyn’s world-class art form but you haven’t been able to attend any workshops, then you’ll revel in her new DVD–Making Felt. Learn how to make beautiful scarves, bags, tea cosies and other small projects. It may just be the perfect Christmas present for that hard-to-buy-for person.